Criminals of the week

  • 3 year old smokes weed (w/ video). (link)
  • Swedish prisoner tries to fart his way to freedom. (link)
  • Please try not to get directions from the cop who is looking for you. (link)
  • A bakery received around 600 lbs of marijuana and then called the police over it. (link)
  • Police beat up victim who wanted to report to them that he had been beaten. (video)
  • Awesome British guy who attached a flamethrower to his scooter now being hassled by The Man. (link)
  • Attorney: Dog-busting cops caused woman’s miscarriage. (link)
  • DC police involved in hundreds of vehicular collisions last year that could have been avoided had the drivers adhered to traffic laws and basic roadway etiquette. (link)

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