Utah school district is anti-democracy


Utah is apparently trying to one-up Texas in the game of seeing exactly how dumb they can make their schools. Parents in the Alpine school district are upset that their children are learning about democracy.

Specifically these parents have a problem with the use of the term in the school’s mission statement. This makes sense from their perspective, because if there’s one thing a parent can’t stop a kid from doing it’s reading their public school’s mission statements. All the kids these days are doing it. They’re taking bathroom breaks in the middle of class just to check out a line or two of the school’s policies and bylaws. I remember as a teenager my parents had to chain me to a radiator in the basement for a week to wean me off that stuff. Some called it cruel, but I called it tough love.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

“But this nation is a republic, not a democracy, said Oak Norton, a Highland father of five and the founder of Utah’s Republic. The Constitution guarantees every state a “republican form of government.” “Karl Marx said, ‘Democracy is the road to socialism,’ ” Norton said.”

So just in case you were wondering how long it would take for them to start yelping about the evils of socialism, it’s the first quote in the article. Marxists have infiltrated the Apline, Utah school district and are trying to make all decisions subject to a majority vote. Let’s see what the totalitarians have to say in their defense…

“There seems to be a segment of the population who is worried not just about being technically precise on these words … but somehow interprets a move to democracy as some type of a progressive movement that needs to be stopped,” [director of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics Kirk] Jowers said. “For the most part, when people talk about strengthening democracy, they’re talking about getting more people in the United States involved in our politics and government and more nations in the world being subject to elections instead of dictators.”

How unreasonable! The socialist plans of the progressive Marxists of UTAH have been laid bare. Having solved all their other problems, Utahans need to unite in order to stop this plague before it spreads to other school districts’ mission statements or all will be lost.


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