Another guru rapist

Sometimes it’s fun to take news stories out of context. For example, this:

“He has for many years now been at the centre of a group of followers, overwhelmingly women, some of whom have been part of his circle for many years.”

and this:

The women were drawn in with claims that Mr [last name] had worked for the Dalai Lama and he would drive them around in expensive cars, the jury heard.

sound like they might be about Tiger Woods. But they’re not. That was from a story about a healer/guru in London who recruited women to rape and then recruit future rape victims for him.

Michael Lyons, aka “Mohan Singh” is being charged with five counts of rape. And unlike more pragmatic cult leader rapists, he’s been doing this kind of stuff since 1998 based on what seem only like vague promises about life changes instead of empirical results. Well yeah, if you suddenly join a rape cult after previously not belonging to any then your life will change. There’s apparently some fine print about the exacy nature of these life changes which some of the victims/collaborators overlooked before signing on.


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