Douchebag preacher mocks medicine

Here is the black preacher version of Sarah Palin:

So I guess my defense mechanism to teh stupids of this magnitude is to treat it a little more seriously than it deserves. It’s basically “folksy wisdom,” and like most of that crap it’s just feel-good fluff which contradicts itself if it’s lucky enough to even make any sense in the first place.

In the beginning he’s talking about how God decides when we die and we just have to let God do his God-thing. “Let go and let God” is a popular and nauseating way of expressing this idea.

But later he seems to switch over to a secular argument, which is that staying away from doctors who try to find “knots” is actually better for your health. But I thought worrying about what’s better for your health is a betrayal of your faith… So which is it? Should we try to live longer lives, or should we just give up and let God decide when we’re supposed to die? This preacher is in such a thick fog of theological bullshit that he probably doesn’t even realize he’s preaching for contradictory positions.


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