Possible hybrid bear shot by Innuit hunter

It looks like Carl Paladino is not the only one into ‘interspecies erotica’ these days. Bears around Victoria Island may have been crossing the lower taxonomic category to get it on as well.

So this unnamed Innuit hunter – probably poor and barely able to keep his family fed – one day he was shooting at some food, and up from the ground came a possible polar / grizzly ‘pizzly’ ‘grolar’ hybrid. The Innuit call these hybrids “Nanulak,” which is also the Innuit word for both “snow” and “corn.”

DNA testing has only confirmed one other case of these hybrids in the wild. That was in 2006 when a guy from Idaho shot one in the same general location at around this time of year. Here is what it looked like, since the hunter who made this most recent kill is – to his credit – refusing to make pictures public or even talk about it until DNA analysis is done:

Nobody’s really sure why these sightings have been getting more frequent in recent times. Maybe it’s because more members of the insane hunter demographic are able to go up to these remote areas. Or it could be a result of climate change. Or it could be that grizzlies are wandering way further north than they usually do just by accident. Or it could be that they were following caribou populations. So we’ll just have to wait and see what more data reveals.

Yeah, that’s right! I got no conclusion here. We just don’t know and that’s all we can say until better evidence is available. And that’s just how things can be sometime. So just fucking deal with it already.


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