Kafka’s unpublished works cannot be published until his lawyers’ descendants navigate a maze of bureaucratic insanity

Before Kafka died, he asked his friend to burn all of his work. As those of us who have read him might have guessed, he wasn’t the happiest and most well-adjusted guy in the world. But thankfully his friend posthumously broke that deal, releasing some of it to the public and locking much of it away in a Swiss bank account.

Now it seems that some lawyers have been working their way through various courts in Switzerland and Israel to make sure that they follow the proper protocols and sign all the correct forms in order to ensure maximum efficiency in extraditing the vaults of Kafka’s as yet unpublished works.

As a Kafka fan, I’d like to be able to read some of it. But at the same time, it’d be very fitting if these conflicts between various bureaucracies all over the world just kept going on for decades over legal minutiae.


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