Anthony Weiner gets real mad

There was a vote in Congress the other day on reimbursing health care expenses for those who volunteered in the clean-up effort on September 11, 2001. Republicans unsurprisingly tried to block it, citing something they didn’t like about the precise procedure used so as to not appear to be blocking aid for people who obviously deserve it – people who, as it turns out, Republicans love to hide behind whenever they get a chance to use them for their own political gain.

It seems like a pretty sneaky move. On the one hand, they have a political motive to stop the Democrat-led House from passing a bill almost any American would agree with. But on the other hand, they would have to do so in such a way that would not make them appear to be against the volunteer clean-up workers, even though they are.

Well Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who’s represented parts of Brooklyn and Queens since 1999, was NOT having any of that. And then he turned into Al Pacino. Check it out:


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