September 12 is Burn the Confederate Flag Day

So now I’m following orders from someone called Jesus’ General. He had this idea already alluded to in the title above. Here’s the gist of it:

  1. Make sure it’s legal to burn a Confederate flag in public.
  2. Acquire a Confederate flag and gasoline.
  3. Find a teabagger event on September 12 (there are lots of them because they are nostalgic for the feeling of being under attack).
  4. Go there and burn the Confederate flag.
  5. ??????
  6. PROFIT!!!!!!

If it’s not legal to burn a flag in public in your local area but you still want to do something along these lines, it’s suggested that you can burn one so that it’s still recognizable and then bring it to the public event. Maybe I should’ve made the instructions into the form of a flow chart instead of a list. So go do it. Hopefully this will have a follow-up in a little over a month.


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2 Responses to “September 12 is Burn the Confederate Flag Day”

  1. SpiritualAtheist Says:

    Ok… Creepily KluKluxKlannish… I get the point. But wonder if this the best way to go about this.

    • nanobotswillenslaveusall Says:

      Yes, whenever I think of the KKK, I think of how they loved to burn Confederate flags.

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