Best Korea’s glorious social media fails to prevent traitorous imperialist escape plan

There’s this new study in Psychological Science I found via PhysOrg. Here is the press release for it, which is titled “People Who Cannot Escape a System Are Likely to Defend the Status Quo.” They had 28 Canadian women read about their country’s immigration policy. Half read about how it would soon become easier to relocate outside of Canada and half read about how it would soon become more difficult to leave. Then they were asked about issues like gender inequality when it comes to wages, and the statistically significant trend was that the women who read the material about how it would soon become more difficult to leave Canada were more likely to defend lower wages for themselves. Here how University of Waterloo co-author of the study put it:

When you’re stuck with something, one tendency is to make peace with it and try to see it in as much of a positive light as you can… Other times, when you’re told that you can’t have something, that makes you want it more.

So that’s pretty interesting. That would partially explain why so many poor people vote against their own interests. They might not be any more restricted to emigrate legally than the rich, but the financial restrictions can be pretty powerful as well. But if that’s the kind of effect you get out of a relatively free society like Canada, you really wonder how much this phenomenon is intensified by living in a place like North Korea.

Did you hear about Kim Jong Il’s new twitter feed? It’s actually the official government newspaper’s twitter feed, but that’s really just splitting hairs. On my end even Google Translate is having some difficulty making sense of it, but they seem to be very worried (one might even say paranoid) about “military incursions” from South Korea and the US.

But so far there’s been no response – at least none I’ve been able to understand – to the story about a crashed Soviet-era plane which is speculated to be a North Korean pilot’s escape attempt to Russia.

One more totally random thing about North Korea is that you should read this interview in Foreign Policy of an American who visited both Pyongyang and Rason, a city in Northwestern Best Korea that was most affected by the famine over the past decade or so.

UPDATE: North Korea also joined Facebook and is apparently “interested in men.”



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