Alvin Greene updates!

We all know that the Democratic nominee for US Senate from South Carolina Alvin Greene is a lover of music. But can he dance?

Oh yes. Yes, he can.

It’s not on the YouTube, but the radio deejay claims that Greene dances like “a white guy at a wedding.” This is a totally unfair judgment. It’s almost as unfair as when the South Carolina judicial system unfairly indicted him of obscenity, which then made Greene howl and wail at reporters like a werewolf which was just shot with a silver bullet.

And about a week ago, Greene was doing some politicking at Jimmy’s Restaurant in Seneca, SC. He had been dis-invited to a speaking engagement there due to his recent legal problems, but Greene was all like Fuck that, I’m going anyway. And he brought his crew along with him, one of whom is called Dottie Sue Maggart-Feldman.

Dottie Sue apparently thought that the county party chairwoman was “out to get her,” and then shit got real. The conflict escalated, and in the end the police had to ask candidate Greene to please leave the restaurant.

My theory is that now that Greene knows that the political establishment is out to get him and is willing to press false charges against him, all bets are now off. Blood will be shed. Restaurants will be disrupted. And he’s got someone named Dottie Sue on his side.


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