Velociraptors will eviscerate us all

You guys remember Jurassic Park? OK, do you remember how the discovery of bugs encased in amber inevitably led to a horrible disasters? That’s right; it led to Jurassic Park II: The Lost World and *shudder*Jurassic Park III. But the trivia buffs out there might also remember that it also led to hermaphroditic dinosaurs almost killing Jeff Goldblum.

Now the Wired Science blog is reporting that scientists in India have discovered a whole bunch of amber with 50 million year old insects encased in them. And they might be able to find some DNA of other species within the samples, which they might then be able to analyze. The point being, it’s definitely Velociraptors the Mayans were talking about with their 2012 end of the world business.

Sure, that sounds crazy, especially since Velociraptors went extinct about 25,000,000 years before this amber existed, but who’s to say that there weren’t any 25 million year old bugs back then? Were you there? Then shut up and be afraid of Velociraptors already.

Wired is also claiming that they haven’t gotten any information on non-insect species. FOR NOW. And here’s one of the pics of the ancient bugs:


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4 Responses to “Velociraptors will eviscerate us all”

  1. filmcamera999 Says:

    no, really…i do like this blog…so much so…im gonna reblog this ….hows that, dude?

  2. filmcamera999 Says:

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    ..sound slike my kinda writing! carry on, dude!

  3. Donna Says:

    I never saw the Mayans writing about Velociraptors. Did they even ever say how the world will end? I can say I hope they are wrong. I have my plane tickets for St. Lucia in January.

  4. Tani Telefon Says:

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    media is a impressive source of facts.

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