Racists to boycott Thor movie

The Council of Conservative Citizens is this white supremacist group which still exists, and they’re very angry about this movie:

… because there’s a BLACK GUY in it. From Digital Spy:

“It’s not enough that Marvel attacks conservatives values, now mythological Gods must be re-invented with black skin,” a post on the site reads.
“It seems that Marvel Studios believes that white people should have nothing that is unique to themselves. An upcoming movie, based on the comic book Thor, will give the Aesir an insulting multicultural makeover. One of the Gods will be played by Hip Hop DJ Elba.”

It should be noted that the CCC was also very angry at Robert Rodriguez for his movie Machete. The silver lining here I guess is that groups like this have been reduced to whining about movies which they don’t like, Bill Donahue-style. But anyway, who knew that a backwoods group of whiny loons like these guys would know enough to distinguish Marvel from DC?


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4 Responses to “Racists to boycott Thor movie”

  1. cbuzzz Says:

    it’s a fucking fantasy flick who cares what color they are. I’m mad cuz there doesn’t appear to be any hawt female ass kickers in the movie. Just sayen.

  2. maryland71 Says:

    and a whiteman played The Last Samurai….go figure

  3. talbert Says:

    Nobody had a problem with Mel Gibson casting Jesus and everyone else as white folks in Passion of the Christ….Jesus was a black man.

  4. maryland71 Says:

    AMEN on that talbert!!

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