Neo-Nazis take over a German village

OK, so this is incredibly frightening! Der Spiegel has this report about a village in what was once East Germany called Jamel. It was known as the home of a notorious neo-Nazi leader (Isn’t it illegal to be a neo-Nazi in Germany?) and now lots of his co-fascists have moved in as well. There are lots of Nazi graffiti and attack dogs and target practice in the woods and children praising Hitler on their way to school and burning down the houses of non-believers and other Nazi stuff like that.

It’s actually a lot like this fascinating documentary I just recently watched. Or Idaho.

The article follows a narrative of a couple who moved there because they wanted to get away from the city life of Hamburg. They didn’t realize what they were getting into, and now they’re practically the only normal people in town. Worse still, it’s pretty isolated and the local, state, and federal governments have basically given up and ceded the village to neo-Nazi rule by thuggery.


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