I’m conflicted about this

On the one hand, Greta Christina has an excellent post up at AlterNet called No, Atheists Don’t Have To Show “Respect” For Religion which you should read. But on the other hand, it’s way better than my own atheistic rantings and will probably soon threaten my #1 most read spot (I’m still beating Chomsky on Egypt – suck it, old man!) on that same site.

Actually, what you should probably do to get the best of both worlds is to read the post on her own blog. That way you can read it without AlterNet’s meddling while at the same time keeping my ego safe by stifling the competition (EDIT: Nevermind! That’s just the intro, so you’ll have to read it on AlterNet). Because it’s my personal, deeply held religious belief that I should retain the most read spot, and if you say or even think that’s wrong, then you are obviously a militant angry atheistic communist Stalinist Nazi.



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