Wow, I’ve let this blog sit for a while now. Kind of busy at the moment though, so be patient. Or don’t. Whatever. Look at this:


5 Responses to “lol”

  1. bud Says:

    So THAT’S what Ian looks like? I’ve been reading The Beast for years and always wondered who this delightful miscreant was. Wow he’s some piece of ass! OMG does he read your blog? I hope not. Don’t tell him I’m fapping to him right now ok?!

  2. bud Says:

    Yes I have read that article before. Wonderful piece, but it doesn’t really count because he was incognito. Even you said in the article you didn’t recognize him at first! But whatever, I just hope this is a start to something more. We got Taibbi and Ames on the tube now, hopefully Murphy can join them!

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