Wisconsin supreme court election

So it looks like that nice union thug lady defeated Scott Walker’s boyfriend David Prosser in the state Supreme Court election this week by only 204 votes. And our friend Governor Walker (@GovWalker on Twitter – send him an uplifting message, please) is throwing a hissy fit over it:

Gov. Scott Walker said this afternoon that the spring election results show there are “two very different worlds in this state.””You’ve got a world driven by Madison, and a world driven by everybody else out across the majority of the rest of the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said at a press conference in the Capitol.

The thing about these elections is that they deal with numbers of votes, and wouldn’t you know it but we actually have access to those numbers. So did “everybody else out across the majority of the rest of the state [excepting Madison]” vote for David Prosser? That would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it?

But we don’t have to speculate. Here’s a map of the election results, county-by-county:

I count only three counties in one tiny corner of the state where the turnout for Kloppenburg was 35% or less. On the other hand, there are four counties with more than 65% for Kloppenburg, divided into two groups at opposite ends of the state.

Walker seems to imagine that the votes of people who happen to live in lightly populated areas are somehow worth more than the votes of those evil city-dwellers. Unfortunately for him, it just doesn’t work that way.

He also seems to want to believe that the population of Wisconsin is rigidly divided along rural/urban lines, and judging from this map that’s also clearly not the case. There are liberals and progressives out in the sticks and there are conservatives in the cities. But that kind of nuance scares politicians like Scott Walker who like to use this “two worlds” rhetoric to rile up their base. In fact, the “vast majority of the rest of the state” is very close to being 50/50.

UPDATE: An early recount result has Prosser up by 40 votes.

UPDATE II: And now Klopp’s up by 70something.

UPDATE III: A Waukesha county clerk named Kathy Nickolaus found votes on her laptop which may or may not have been added to the statewide totals, which would put David Prosser up by around 7500. If that’s the case, then there probably will be no recount and the conservatives will keep their hold on the WI Supreme Court.


4 Responses to “Wisconsin supreme court election”

  1. Coffeebuzzz Says:

    It really does show that the state is pretty much divided. Which really sucks.
    This map is cool though in the sense that it gives a good idea about where the recalls might have a chance. Lincoln county above Marathon is not a boost to my leftist mentality. My county Marathon has Pam Galloway and we went red. ick.
    You are right though, this is not a urban vs. rural thing going on here. The North is rural Wisconsin and they didn’t go as red as the east which has major stops like Green Bay, Racine, Appleton, etc.

  2. Aldous Tyler Says:

    No where is “safe” for Walker. Don’t count Marathon out, either! The fact is, Kloppenburg got a surprisingly large percentage of votes, even in what are often assumed to be conservative areas of the state.

    A number of folks out in the “sticks” really didn’t care much about the court election, and just went with the Incumbent, for instance, in a “he’s never done anything to me” mentality. The fact that, despite such disadvantages, JoAnne did so very well is AMAZING.

  3. coffeebuzzz Says:

    I agree that K. got a lot more votes then anyone expected which is good but I have to say my cup is half empty.
    The crap that’s going down now makes me wanna pull out my hair, but I’m going to put in some mindless flick instead. Maybe slobber in my sleep and hopefully when I wake K will be back in the lead.

  4. Evilcor Says:

    That’s funny — I just found 9000 votes on MY laptop here in CA! Kloppenberg wins!!!!!!

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