Leave it to a humorless, subhuman Belgian to take this seriously

There’s a wonderful children’s book out for all the parents out there who want to teach their children about international politics and the case for a Belgian genocide. Here is a quick outline of the case for killing all the Belgians:

What has [Belgium] contributed to world culture? Fluffy waffles. A few varieties of beer and chocolate. That’s about it. Which raises the question: what have the Belgians been doing with their time instead? Maybe Belgium chokes the world with its sweet, sweet waffles to divert us from its growing imperialist ambitions, as the Belgians build a war machine on a scale undreamt of by Alexander or Genghis Khan.

Terrifying. And if that didn’t convince you, there is also this testimony on the Belgians from John Cleese.And if you’re still not convinced all Belgians must die and their “culture” be wiped out forever, check out this response to this book from a real live Belgian. It starts off by trying to convince us that the Belgians really have made contributions to the world by inventing the saxophone and French fries. Then things get even weirder:

So, now that we’ve put these things straigt, I should give you some advise for the next time you think of writing this kind of  book.  First of all: a bit of research wouldn’t harm, you know?  We don’t eat brains.  We have stopped doing that since mad cow disease started spreading.  We don’t eat puppy’s.  I thought the chinese did that? You can buy a dog in a chinese market and they’d ask you if you want it cut and deboned .

It’s just like a Belgian to blame the Chinese for their own puppy-eating. This appalling racism is par for the course in Belgium, which is why we must immediately level the entire country and erase any mention of them from the pages of history – if there actually are any mentions of them in history.

We must prepare the next generation for another war in Europe. The savage Belgians are so committed to their national identity that they have obliterated their collective sense of humor. And so we must eliminate these barbarians from the face of the Earth before it’s too late.


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5 Responses to “Leave it to a humorless, subhuman Belgian to take this seriously”

  1. Candy Says:

    Oh for the love of it, you got it all wrong! I didn’t take the book seriously, my post was mostly a reaction to our newspapers taking the damn book so seriously! If I intended to be serious (and humorless) I wouldn’t have talked about french fries, but listed some real Belgian people who have really made a difference. And by the way, I live in Belgium but I’m Italian. I live in a multicultural family and if there’s one thing I can’t be blamed off it’s racism.

    • nanobotswillenslaveusall Says:

      Sorry Candy, it’s too late for you and your Chinese-hating Belgians. We’re already planning vacations there so we can piss in your ocean and make the beaches smell.

  2. Candy Says:

    Oh well, I won’t be around to see you, what a shame. We’re planning to move to the States. Hmmm, maybe I could try what american children’s brains taste like. And there’s nothing like a good “hot dog” :p

  3. ken Says:

    The Belgian empire was one of history’s most destructive forces. Look up Leopold II

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