Bad Religion – God’s Love

Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

Choking Victim – Apple Pie and Police State

Choking Victim – Infested

Choking Victim – War Story

Crass – Do they owe us a living?

crucifucks – democracy spawns bad taste

dead kennedys – kill the poor

dead kennedys – when ya get drafted

dead kennedys – let’s lynch the landlord

the dumpers – let’s go kill all the cops

the germs – communist eyes

jonathan coulton – first of may

jonathan coulton – dance, soterios johnson, dance

leftover crack – one dead cop

link wray – rumble

nirvana – tourette’s

nofx – murder the government

operation ivy – knowledge

peter tosh – african

pixies – something against you

pixies – gigantic

pixies – tony’s theme

pixies – brick is red

pixies – into the white

pixies – bailey’s walk

pixies – debaser

pixies – there goes my gun

sex pistols – holidays in the sun

us bombs – shot down

violent femmes 36 24 36


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