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If you ever need an excuse to avoid Arkansas, this is it.

September 4, 2009

So there’s this town in Arkansas called Jericho (population: 184 as of the 2000 census). The city recently received a grant to start its very own police force. And according to reports by its citizens, they’ve been primarily using their police force to write traffic tickets. In a town of 184 people. Srsly.

Oh yeah, that, and shooting people who complain about it.

Don Payne, the Fire Chief of the town, was in court contesting a traffic ticket for the second time that day. Seven of the seven officers on the force were also in court, since they apparently had nothing better to do. An argument ensued. And Payne ended up with a bullet wound through his hip.

And what’s almost as weird is this throwaway line from a ‘person on the street’ interview about the pervasiveness of these ticket-writing cops:

“When I first moved out here, they wrote me a ticket for going 58 mph in my driveway,” 75-year-old retiree Albert Beebe said.

So there’s a few weird things about that.

  1. 58 mph in a driveway?
  2. Was it paved, or is this one of those long dirt road driveways?
  3. And he’s 75?
  4. Oh yeah, and why are cops patrolling driveways?