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Shit my co-workers say

April 5, 2011
  1. “I’m going to draw a cock and balls on his car every single day.” A few days later in the parking lot I saw whoever said that was making good on their promise.
  2. “My girl lost her job, then decided to go back to school. But she doesn’t have any health care, so I said, hey, we might as well get married.” I told him that was very romantic and that it sounded like every little girl’s dream. He agreed without realizing that I was being sarcastic.
  3. Two guys talking: “So you got the reserved spot this month?” “What?” “You know, the reserved parking spot.” “What? Oh… Yeah, I did.”
  4. Two other guys talking: “Hey, tell your brother I said hi.” “What for?”
  5. “And then he said, ‘Oh, you thought I meant a real pearl necklace?'”

Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking rap!

April 5, 2011

OK as far as I can tell this is not MC Hawking (whatever happened to that, anyway?), but it’s still awesome.


February 3, 2011

I’m not usually a big fan of these kinds of videos, but you’ve got to check this out. First one guy knocks another guy out, but then shit gets real:

Stewart v. troofers

September 19, 2010

Most people reading this have probably already heard of the Daily Show / Colbert Report concurrent demos in Washington, DC on October 30. If you haven’t, click on one of the images below.

It’s a great move to set up a demonstration this way because the March To Keep Fear Alive will have this automatic effect of co-opting any counter-demonstrators. The teabaggers have this paranoia about people infiltrating their rallies in order to discredit them. So it’s pretty likely some will try to retaliate against this real or imagined injustice. But that’s where the line between the Colbertesque satirical teabaggers and the sincere ones starts to get a little fuzzy.

I’m not going to this, but if I were I’d have trouble deciding which one of these two events to focus on, if that would even be a decision attendees would need to make. You’ve got the crazy satire marching around, and then you’ve got the sanity rally, probably at or near the Lincoln Memorial. So there will probably be a lot of cross-over of people going from one to the other. So even these hypothetical counter-demonstrators who intentionally stick around the sanity rally to try to discredit it will also be assimilated into the Stewart / Colbert hive mind.

But  the teabaggers aren’t the only target here. If you watch the Daily Show video linked to above, you’ll see that Stewart also goes after the 9/11 troofers by suggesting a “9/11 was an outside job” protest sign. So given their notorious ultrasensitivity, I decided to check what they thought of all this. Here’s what I found on Alex Jones‘ Prison Planet forums:

So these idiots who have been castigating George Bush and Co., also have been pretty good going after Obama’s crew are now equating the LaRouche antics (making everyone they disagree with appear as Hitler) to the majority who don’t believe in government telling the truth.  In my view this is just to hobble the 18-34 crowd that watches these assclowns from doing anything meaningful, like this david icke video advocates:

The same poster later elaborates:

Hey man, if you’re all for killing the momentum of the Tea PArty and 9/11 truth then promote these assclowns all you want. It’s perfectly obvious they’re using their honor to earn a buck and don’t give a damn about anything.

Hey, killing the momentum of the “Tea PArty and 9/11 truth” sounds like a good idea to me. So let’s get on with the promotion of the assclowns.

Later we get this gem:

All he’s doing is training people to tune out and not care.

Apparently if you can’t really care about rationality and reason and sanity. You can only care if you have crazy beliefs about the gubbuhmint’s “false flag” 9/11 attacks. They really think they’re the only ones who care about anything. Anyone who disagrees is just lazy or stupid or complacent. They’re more intellectually isolated than the Bush administration.

Or even the teabaggers, for that matter; even the crazier ones who believe he’s a secret Muslim from Kenya. Presumably, they at least believe that Obama cares about something, even if it’s a secret evil communist plan to destroy America. The troofers won’t even grant outsiders that much.

September 12 is Burn the Confederate Flag Day

August 4, 2010

So now I’m following orders from someone called Jesus’ General. He had this idea already alluded to in the title above. Here’s the gist of it:

  1. Make sure it’s legal to burn a Confederate flag in public.
  2. Acquire a Confederate flag and gasoline.
  3. Find a teabagger event on September 12 (there are lots of them because they are nostalgic for the feeling of being under attack).
  4. Go there and burn the Confederate flag.
  5. ??????
  6. PROFIT!!!!!!

If it’s not legal to burn a flag in public in your local area but you still want to do something along these lines, it’s suggested that you can burn one so that it’s still recognizable and then bring it to the public event. Maybe I should’ve made the instructions into the form of a flow chart instead of a list. So go do it. Hopefully this will have a follow-up in a little over a month.

Let’s send Justin Bieber to North Korea

July 1, 2010

They will love him there. Yes, as a matter of fact, this was from 4chan.

You can vote here. Right now the Glorious People’s Republic of North Korea is at #3, about 50,000 votes behind Israel and just a few hundred behind Poland.

UPDATE: North Korea pulled ahead of Israel before polls closed. Bieber’s rep says he won’t be going there on his tour, apparently because he hates Koreans.

Comedy is tragedy plus idiots

April 21, 2010