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Baba Brinkman – Rap Guide to Human Nature (2010)

August 3, 2010

Baba Brinkman has a new album out. He is releasing it in a way that you can choose what you pay for it, which seems to be the hip new-ish thing for more independent artists.

This one focuses more on evolutionary psychology, which was explored a little bit on his last album, The Rap Guide to Evolution. It’s a field that gets a lot of criticism, and rightly so. We can find the fossils and even some DNA of our ancestors by digging up samples, but we don’t get much insight on ancient hominid consciousness from them. It’s fun to hypothesize about how our current personality quirks and odd behaviors might have been based on how earlier humans evolved on the¬†Serengeti, but that largely fails when it comes to putting those hypotheses to a good test. And as a result, there’s less quality control and you tend to see people misusing the field in order to further one or another social or political agenda.

I’m not saying that’s what this album does, but it’s a good reason to take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt whether you hear it on a rap album or from someone in a more serious venue.



MC Chris meets Twin Peaks

June 1, 2010


MC Frontalot

April 7, 2010

MC Frontalot’s new album was released yesterday. I am listening to it right now. If you too would like to be listening to this right now – which you should- you can do so by clicking on the album artwork above.



November 18, 2009

There’s this Canadian rapper from Chicago called Rap Master Maurice. His style of rapping is about as corny/awesome ¬†as his name implies. He’s from 1981 or so, and he’s proud of it.

What makes him unique is that he offers this service where for only $7 he’ll call up someone deserving of scorn and rap about their shortcomings as a person. Sometimes he offers advice on how the target of the “revenge rap” could improve him or herself. Then he’ll end it by saying “PEEAACE!” and it’s like, yo, you have been put in your place, fool.

He’ll also compromise what seems to be his artistic mission of creating justice via awesome vintage rhyming to do a friendly rap for someone’s birthday or something. But that will cost you $14. Either way, you get an mp3 of the call made e-mailed to you.

And no, I didn’t discover this by being the target of a vengeance rap. I heard it on WireTap.

Monday Music Recommendation

September 21, 2009

Baba Brinkman – The Rap Guide to Evolution (2009)

I just realized that this weekly feature abbreviates to MMR. Weird.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. He raps about evolution. He also has albums about The Canterbury Tales and another one about terrorism laws in a dystopian future. You can also donate moneys to him.


Monday Music Recommendation

September 14, 2009

Angelspit – Hideous and Perfect (2009)

You can download the album by clicking on the album artwork above. It is not very different from their previous albums, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As they described in an interview, they did something evil to their guitarist’s tracks in some of the songs, and you can definitely pick out what they are talking about. Here is an ad for the new album. Really. They made a commercial for it.

Also, They Might Be Giants released an album meant to brainwash kids with pro-science propaganda. It’s called Here Comes Science, and there doesn’t seem to be any free online downloads available. But here’s the artwork and a video anyway:

And MC Frontalot has had new stuff out for a couple years that I’ve somehow missed. One is called Secrets From the Future and the newer one is Final Boss. Here’s a track off the former:

And this one has an actual video: