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Ain’t no party like the Korean Worker’s Party cuz the Korean Worker’s Party don’t stop till all the students are shoved into forced labor camps

July 3, 2011

Best Korea had an amazing week. Someone – possibly a student – put up some anti-government graffiti at a wall near a university in Pyongyang. The state’s response was to shut down the city to interrogate passersby so they could find the perpetrator and lock them up in a forced labor camp. Ha, just kidding! The traitor to the Glorious People’s Republic and Our Dear Leader will definitely be executed if caught.

But since whoever wrote the graffiti hasn’t been caught yet, it’s going to be collective punishment for the college students. Anyone who’s going to university and isn’t graduating this year is going to be conscripted for forced labor for the upcomming 100th anniversary of Kim il-Sung’s birth. He’s still officially the head of state in North Korea, despite having died in 1994.

And for the next week or so, North Korea is going to head up the UN conference on disarmament. The conference has a rotating leadership, and now it’s their turn, apparently. Spencer Ackerman pointed out that the conference is already largely an ineffectual joke, so although it’s ridiculous for a country constantly threatening war with its neighbors to the south to be in charge of disarmament, it’s also pretty harmless.


Best Korea’s Twitter feed is awkward

September 8, 2010

Best Korea’s glorious social media fails to prevent traitorous imperialist escape plan

August 18, 2010

There’s this new study in Psychological Science I found via PhysOrg. Here is the press release for it, which is titled “People Who Cannot Escape a System Are Likely to Defend the Status Quo.” They had 28 Canadian women read about their country’s immigration policy. Half read about how it would soon become easier to relocate outside of Canada and half read about how it would soon become more difficult to leave. Then they were asked about issues like gender inequality when it comes to wages, and the statistically significant trend was that the women who read the material about how it would soon become more difficult to leave Canada were more likely to defend lower wages for themselves. Here how University of Waterloo co-author of the study put it:

When you’re stuck with something, one tendency is to make peace with it and try to see it in as much of a positive light as you can… Other times, when you’re told that you can’t have something, that makes you want it more.

So that’s pretty interesting. That would partially explain why so many poor people vote against their own interests. They might not be any more restricted to emigrate legally than the rich, but the financial restrictions can be pretty powerful as well. But if that’s the kind of effect you get out of a relatively free society like Canada, you really wonder how much this phenomenon is intensified by living in a place like North Korea.

Did you hear about Kim Jong Il’s new twitter feed? It’s actually the official government newspaper’s twitter feed, but that’s really just splitting hairs. On my end even Google Translate is having some difficulty making sense of it, but they seem to be very worried (one might even say paranoid) about “military incursions” from South Korea and the US.

But so far there’s been no response – at least none I’ve been able to understand – to the story about a crashed Soviet-era plane which is speculated to be a North Korean pilot’s escape attempt to Russia.

One more totally random thing about North Korea is that you should read this interview in Foreign Policy of an American who visited both Pyongyang and Rason, a city in Northwestern Best Korea that was most affected by the famine over the past decade or so.

UPDATE: North Korea also joined Facebook and is apparently “interested in men.”

Let’s send Justin Bieber to North Korea

July 1, 2010

They will love him there. Yes, as a matter of fact, this was from 4chan.

You can vote here. Right now the Glorious People’s Republic of North Korea is at #3, about 50,000 votes behind Israel and just a few hundred behind Poland.

UPDATE: North Korea pulled ahead of Israel before polls closed. Bieber’s rep says he won’t be going there on his tour, apparently because he hates Koreans.

North Korean government is calling in our debts

June 24, 2010

The North Korean government is demanding that the United States pay $65,000,000,000,000 in damages for sixty years of hostility. To be fair, sixty years ago we fought a war there. But all those zeros above means they’re asking for 65 TRILLION. We should pay them in Monopoly money. Maybe they wouldn’t notice, and would then proudly display the payment for members of the public to see like they do with obviously fake gifts from the outside world. From ABC Australia:

[KCNA, North Korea’s official news agency] also claims 60 years of US sanctions have caused a loss of $US13.7 trillion by 2005, while property losses were estimated at $US16.7 trillion.

Doesn’t the idea of paying reparations for sanctions kind of undermine the point of a sanction? Yeah, we know it cost you money to not trade with us. Those losses – even if those figures were correct – aren’t some accidental byproduct. That’s how pressure is applied on the North Korean government.