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Today is Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday

August 22, 2010

And for the occasion Rachel Bloom of the Upright Citizens Brigade wrote and performed a romantic love song for him. Let’s listen to it now.

And here is his reaction to watching that video:


May Day

May 1, 2010

Happy May Day, comrades.

Michael Steele makes it rain at bondage club with teabaggers’ money

March 29, 2010

The animated gif and RNC chairman Michael Steele continues to be awesome, according to a report from the website of repressed bowtie enthusiast Tucker Carlson.

According to this report, Steele spent just under 2 grand at a Los Angeles bondage themed nightclub called ¬†Voyeur West Hollywood during an RNC trip last February. The Daily Caller is citing Federal Election Commission filings from the RNC for their numbers, which include lots of other shady dealings with voters’ money but none of them are as hilarious as Michael Steele gettin’ his freak on with lesbian strippers in bondage.

For their part, the RNC is insisting that it wasn’t Steele himself at this club, which if true would ruin everyone’s fun. But they’re not saying who exactly was responsible for the costs. Even so, they’re probably right because it’s not like Steele’s fellow Republicans have any problem at all with throwing him under the bus.

UPDATE: It was apparently someone called Erik Brown who done did it. Still Steele is in charge of the RNC, he was in LA with the guy and he apparently didn’t properly babysit Mr Brown. So it’s not entirely inaccurate to say that it was Steele who “made it rain.” And “not entirely inaccurate” is the kind of standard that works well for me.

Pic of the day

March 19, 2010

New Scientist has a gallery of orangutans doing stuff around water, like fishing and building bridges. Here is one swimming and definitely not in the process of drowning because it was thrown into the water by New Scientist’s photographers while the crew pointed and laughed.

According to the accompanying article, “[O]ne pair was even seen having sex in water.”

Hypnotist sexually assaults patient

February 1, 2010

So Stephen Barker is a “hypnotherapist” and one day he had a patient who came to him with weight loss issues. So naturally, he decided to go with the tried and tested Grab Her Boobs method of treatment.

I know you’re probably thinking that this guy looks so normal and definitely not like a creepy British version of Freddy Krueger or anything like that. But you’ll probably change your opinion of him when you read this (cue bow-chicka-bow-wow music):

‘He told her it was for her own good and asked her to touch her own breasts.
‘She refused and he then used his left hand to stroke her breast and held it there for over a minute.
‘He told her “Yes you like this. Does it feel nice?”.
‘He then used his free hand to remove her trousers and knickers and began to rub her.’
Barker then told her ‘relax, open your legs, enjoy it’ before she snapped out of her hypnotised state and realised what was happening.
He then said ‘we could have had sex but I wanted to keep it professional at the moment’ before she fled the scene.

It’s so heartwarming that he kept it professional that way. That’s one classy hypnotherapist. Anyway, he’ll probably have opportunity to be told “Yes, you like this” many times over his 10 months in prison, although I don’t know if his cellmate will be as professional as he was to his patient.

Florida news anchors implicated in gang rape

November 28, 2009

Click above pic for story

From the article:

“[T]he owners of WPMI, have suspeneded General Manager Shea Grandquest and News Director Wes Finley for one week, without pay.”

So why did they suspend the GM if it was the anchors doing the gang raping? Not to mention that they’re totally unrepentant for their crimes. They look so happy about it!

The Count

November 5, 2009

What do you hear in this video?

The best 30 seconds of journalistic amazingness you will see today

September 17, 2009

To be fair (and balanced), if I worked for a Fox affiliate, I would also get drunk every day, accuse male co-workers of bestiality, and make awkward advances on all female colleagues, too.

Bananas For Sex

September 15, 2009

A cult leader in Papua New Guinea allegedly offered a high yield on an area’s banana crop in exchange for sex. In public.

Usually, when a cult leader offers some kind of sex-based barter, it’s some kind of amazing supernatural reward, like a privileged spot in some kind of afterlife hierarchy. At least, that’s what I usually do when I’m a cult leader in a food for sex exchange. It’s pretty much the SOP. I guess they just go with the low-hanging fruit in Papua New Guinea.

I misread this article the first time I skimmed it. Apparently it’s not just sex with the cult leader which would allegedly increase the banana crop. He just wanted everyone to fuck in public. First he threatened violence, but then he decided it would be more effective to bribe them.

Best line from this short article:

Three police officers trekked into the village over the weekend but the leader, identified as Thomas Peli, was able to escape into the bush.

The Australian ABC News which reported on has not yet followed up on whether or not public sex increased the banana crop yield. This warrants serious attention and I would hope that such a follow-up is forthcoming, as should be expected from serious journalists.