Asia Bibi

OK so there’s this Christian woman in Pakistan named Asia Bibi. She is a Christian and a mother of five.

You can probably already see where this is going. She’s been sentenced to death by hanging for the “crime” of blaspheming the alleged prophet of Islam.

Based on the article, it’s not entirely clear how she was supposed to have blasphemed Mohammed. Bibi is denying it. But everyone seems to agree on a few facts. Bibi worked as a farmhand with other women who happened to be Muslim. She was sent to get some water. But when she returned, some of the women decided that they didn’t want to drink the water since it was brought to them by a non-Muslim and was therefore “unclean.”

The funny thing about that is that I can’t seem to find any basis for this way of defining unclean water according to Islam. Apparently water is clean according to Islam as long as there is at least 191.24 litres of it even when it’s contaminated by blood, shit, piss, dog saliva, and most dead animals – as long as those impurities don’t change the taste or color of the “water.”

Another weird part of this is how none Bibi’s co-workers seemed to object to the impure water until after she brought it back from wherever she got it. Anyway, everyone forgot about the incident for a few days, and then a mob started yelling about how Bibi spoke ill of Mohammed. This all happened about a year ago. Bibi’s reportedly been held in isolation since then. The courts convicted her yesterday, and now she’s sentenced to death by hanging.

If executed, Bibi will be the first death penalty case carried out under Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws.



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One Response to “Asia Bibi”

  1. cbuzzz Says:

    I’m so sick of the zeal and irrational that leads to so many injustices. Crazy and uneducated nonsense about the damn water.

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